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About Me


My name is Taylor Caldwell. The origin of my name was argued between both of my parents constantly. My father insisted I was named after the author, Taylor Caldwell. However, my mother argued that I was named after eighties pop artist, Taylor Dayne. (If you don't know the song "Tell it to My Heart" please go look it up.) Either way, I was born with the name of a creator.


Since childhood I have been interested in visual arts. When I was growing up I was always holding mini productions with family and friends. My favorite were the "weather reports" that more or less ended with me dumping a small bucket of water on my sister. Growing up behind and in front of cameras it was only natural that this continued into high school where I was one of the editors for the weekly news broadcast. After high school I continued this passion into college where I received a number of awards for my journalistic and film pieces. 

Most recently, I worked as a Marketing Coordinator for an industrial heating, cutting and welding company. I've just left a position as Marketing Coordinator at a lab equipment company and looking for the place where I finally land.

Fun Facts:
Zodiac: Taurus | Taurus ⊙, Virgo ☾, Gemini ↑

Myer Briggs: ESFP 

Spirit Animal: Red Fox

Height: 5'2"

Weight: About 4 adult Corgis

Favorite words: Brontide, devotion, decathect

Favorite Artists: Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Edvard Munch, Vincent Van Gogh

Favorite snack: Chips & dip or white cheddar popcorn

Favorite song: (currently) "Please Please Please" by Sabrina Carpenter [listen]



Born in Myrtle Beach, SC
Lives in Hamden, CT

University of Connecticut
Bachelor of the Arts - Digital Media & Design


Norwalk Community College
Associate of the Arts - Communication/Media Studies/Television Production

& Awards

Silver Award - Connecticut Art Director's Club Annual Awards
"Spirit of the Sound" Maritime Aquarium
Credited: Art Director, Editor

Digital Media & Design Department Award - Academic Achievement

Purdue Pharma Scholarship



Academic Video Awards - Best Person to Person Director


Academic Video Awards - Best College ENG story


Academic Video Awards  - Best Music Video (Nominated)


Academic Video Awards - Best News Director (Nominated)



Women of Distinction and Promise - Academic Achievement

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